Celebrating Imbolc, conducting a life review, and how COVID-19 changed how we think about death and dying

January 2023

On death anxiety, exotic green comets and being reminded of the cosmic scale of things
On angry optometrists, the history of death, and grieving in the metaverse
On insects, the importance of using our hands and power tools for reclaiming local politics
On feeling more happy and alive, misunderstanding fear and anxiety and focusing on what you want to see more of

December 2022

On being a monster, kind care as a compass and lessons from a dying therapist
Somatic experiencing, re-thinking problem solving, and a 400-year old melody
On being an end-of-life doula, the cost of denying death and 250 hours of jazz

November 2022

Searching for meaning, AI research tools and sitting under a tree
Conceptually unpacking what 'being whole' means
Friday 18 November 2022
The one question that matters